In 2021, around 25 million working adult Americans were without health insurance. When including children, that number rises to 28 million.

Health insurance is essential to protect yourself from unexpected medical costs that can run into the thousands. For example, being in a severe car accident or falling ill with an illness can land you in the hospital, leaving you will high medical costs you need to pay.

When you have health insurance, your health insurance agency covers most, if not all, of the charges, and you pay a deductible.

So if you’ve decided you need health insurance, you may not know how to get it. If so, keep reading as we answer the question, “what does a health insurance agency do?” and explain how they can help you with your insurance needs.

Benefits of Working With a Health Insurance Agency

You can gain several benefits from working with a health insurance agency. Let’s review some of the more significant benefits.

Knowledgeable Advisors

When working with a health insurance agency, you benefit from working with someone trained in the insurance field. This means they can work with you to find the right coverage that fits your requirements. They can also review the policy and contract before you commit to anything.

Complete Service

When using a licensed health insurance agent, you get a complete service. What this means is agents can complete the insurance sale themselves. If you use an insurance broker, they have to hand off your contract to the insurance company to complete the transaction and bind coverage.